I am a stay at home mommy who has a passion for photography. I am not really a self taught photographer. I have a good base from the several classes I have taken throughout the years. I learned how to use a 35mm when I was in Jr. High and was developing my own film and printing in a darkroom throughout my high school years. I graduated from UCSB with an East Asian Studies degree. Then proceeded to teach in Japan, but of course having many photo opportunities along the way. Now I go to Brooks Institute of Photography for weekend workshops whenever I can get away.This business has combined my love of photography, puppies and babies, and computers all into one. I do all my post processing in PS3. I process each image individually to give them the right look without losing any of the soul. I love all aspects of the process, from the first click to the last print. I am currently involved in photography on many levels. I take many many pictures of families and babies, but I also work with local businesses and artists for marketing and production work. You can check out my fine art at http://www.ojai-style.com, where I have done most of the Ojai pictures and also sell photo gifts. Thank you for your interest. I can be reached at www.whitneyhartmann.com.


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